Beat the chill with a frozen dessert

Coming across this month's "Let's Celebrate Sweets - Chocolate" event at Veggie Hut was liking a toy store. The very mention of word chocolate conjured up so many yummy images of rich chocolate cake, crunchy choc chip cookies and delicious brownies in my head. But all such images were quickly shattered when I read the disclaimer "What I am looking for is not Cakes and Cookies!". Oh!! Then - Let me think. I reassured myself by saying that after all for a chocolate lover like me, it wouldn't be that difficult. A little while later I was making these cute chocolate cupcakes not chocolate flavored cupcakes but cupcake made of chocolate with pistachio rabri, adapted from Radhicka Agarwaal's version on Masterchef India. 
Radhicka on Masterchef India had been quite inpsiring to me, because of her varied styles of cooking. And I was happy to try this recipe of hers. But because of not so clear instructions, I made my version of a frozen dessert (without any compote but with topping of nuts). Hope you like it. And here it goes as my entry to Chocolate event at Myeasytocookrecipes. Have you sent your entries?

Chocolate Cupcake with Pistachio Rabri Recipe
250grams: Semi sweet Choco chips
500 ml: Full cream milk
2 tbsp: Brown sugar/ White sugar (Increase as per taste)
1/4 cup - Coarsely ground pistachios
1 tsp: Ground cardamom powder
2 tbsp: Chopped mixed nuts for garnishing

Melt chocolate on a double boiler. (For details on how to melt chocolate, visit.....)
Using a pastry brush, coat the inside of cupcakes with melted chocolate and keep in freezer to set.
Put the milk in a heavy bottom pan, and put on low flame. Stir constantly till reduced to half. Cool a bit and mix in sugar, cardamom powder and pistachios.
Pour the cooled rabri in the set cupcakes (after 2 hours or so) and let it set along with rabri.
Now remove it with freezer and tear away the muffin case before the chocolate starts melting.
Garnish with chopped nuts, before serving.
(Now you can stop admiring and take a bite.)

As per the recipe, a cooled rabri is poured in set cupcake. I felt that the chocolate will melt faster with a not so chilled filling, so I chose to freeze it along with filling. You can try it either ways. I am sure it will be delicious.

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