Simplicity rewarded with Gobhi Matar

Today when I went out shopping, I had such a difficult time finding something just simple, but not necessarily boring. I mean there were just two extremes of heavily squinned/ flashy stuffy or routine t shirts. Oh what happened to the classic simplicity. I reached home with great dissapointment and in no mood to make anything elaborate...but that doesn't mean boring. So I just cut some cauliflowers into florets and put it in boiling water to soften, to make the winter's favourite "sookhi sabji" (dry vegetable) - gobhi matar.

And while the pot was simmering, I went to check my blogroll and happenings around in our foodie world. A quick glance at the Jan events reminded me that I had not sent any entry for the Tried & Tasted event for one of my favourite blogs Quick Indian Cooking, original idea of event by Lakshmi of Delights of cooking . Yes I know I had been planning to make something special in the fish or lamb section - which is her speciality (in my eyes), yet as on the last day of entry, the moment hadn't come. But as luck would have it, there was this gobhi matar recipe in her wide collection as well. So that's it. I was going to be rewarded with not just tasting my favourite simple dish, but able to send it as an entry as well. For recipe check it at Mallika's blog.

The only change I made to this recipe was softening the cauliflower (without losing its crunch) in hot water and adding a tsp of butter to finish the dish off. Just enjoyed it with a hot paratha, while thinking of where to go shopping next.

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