Drive Me Nuts - Event Announcement

Wow, am I excited announcing my first event. You bet it. It's as exciting as the first post I had posted. Though for a while I had been thinking of doing so, but wanted to host an event in which we have to rake our brains and create something new. And here it is - DRIVE ME NUTS. Yes go ahead and drive everyone nuts with your cooking.

Nuts – The Health Food

Nuts are generally the seeds or extensions of fruits, encased in a hard outer shell, and grow on flowering upright trees or shrubs. Nuts contain monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, copper, protein and fiber. They are a powerhouse of good nutrition that can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. They've also been shown to play an important role in helping to lower "bad" cholesterol levels and raise "good" cholesterol levels. In addition, they can help dilate blood vessels and prevent hardening of the arteries.Full of health benefits, they are now highly regarded as the health food and are an essential element of the food pyramid.

But incidentally I don't across too many ways to have my nuts other than as roasted snacks or used as additional taste in cakes and toppings and garnishing in desserts. So I thought time to put the thinking cap and what better way than as an event where we all get enriched.

DRIVE ME NUTS – Event Rules:
  1. For the purpose of cooking, we will restrict ourselves to “Culinary Nuts” than “Botanical Nuts” and popular ones are - almonds, pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts, candlenuts, chestnuts, cashewnuts, macadamia nuts, peanut, pine nut and pistachios

  2. Nuts needs to be the focal ingredient in your recipe

  3. Recipe could be vegetarian or non vegetarian (No pork and beef) and it could be any part of the meal - beverages, appetizers, main course or desserts

  4. Usage of the event logo would be appreciated

  5. You can send any number of recipes. If sending an old recipe, it needs to be re posted

  6. Both new and old recipes should be linked back to this event page.

Please send in your entries with the subject of "Drive me nuts”, by 10th June, 2011 to with the following details:
Your Name :
Blog Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe URL :
Recipe Photo :
Even non bloggers can send their entries at the e mail mentioned above.

To get some exciting ideas of what all can be made, check out the kaju katliPistachio Biscotti or coffee flavored wheat-almond biscotti. So time to go nuts and crack up some interesting recipes.

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