Event Announcement - Salad Spread

When the sun is blaring right overhead in all its golden hues, then a miracle happens. My eyesight surprises me and overlooks the yummy looking cheesy pizza slice and befriends a leaner platter of leafy greens. And then I know what wonders heat can do to my mind, heart & stomach. Oh what control it has over me!! Now whether the leaner platter and my eyesight lived happily ever after, that's a story yet to unfold. Till then no prizes for guessing that the mystery leafy platter was a healthy bowl of salad.

This mystery lady, who has been visiting our dinner table quite frequently nowadays has entered my blog too as the theme of the next event, after the successful “Drive me Nuts”. This one is also on special request of a dear friend, who asked me to add some salad recipes on my blog and I realized that I hadn't posted even one till now. Blame it on the dizzying effects of the sun again. So guys just whip up a quickie salad, click a picture, scribble a note and mail it across. Who knows your scribbles helps many like me to lose all those extra pounds, credit to the cheesy pizzas and sugar high cakes. Time to be on a rebound. Right?

You can get inspired from these resources - All RecipesBetter Homes & Gardens and Bon Appetit.
How to Enter:
Any form of salad is accepted (no pork, beef please). Eggs are welcome!
Usage of the event logo would be appreciated.
You can send any number of recipes. If sending an old recipe, it needs to be re posted.
Both new and old recipes should be linked back to this event page.
Send in your entries with the subject of "Salad Spread”, by 30th July, 2011 to mytastejunction@gmail.com with the following details:
Your Name :
Blog Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe URL :
Recipe Photo :
Even non bloggers can send their entries at the e mail mentioned above.

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