So Easy to make a fool - mango fool

This is what a food blog does to you. You buy some great fruits, or for that anything edible, and from the next moment you can only see the raw ingredient taking so many shapes and forms. Flash back only a year back and a basket of mangoes, only meant to be chopped and eaten just like that. Or max it was leveraged to reaching the blender to become a smooth shake. Not that it wasn't heavenly. How can it not be, when the fruit in question is the king of all - mangoes. But now the blogger in me holds court and tells me that simplicity is no more a virtue; try and experiment, make something new. And the lazy me argues back that mango is far above such experimentations. Its greatness lies in its simplicity. After many more such pointless arguments, both my facets finally agree and decide to make a fool of each other. That's when this "Mango Fool" was made in my kitchen. When I wanted to have something really simple but a cut above (literally) the chopped version. So blend it like right now, while you wonder why it's called a fool. 

Fool is a light British summer dessert, dating back to 16th century and is made of fruits and cream. The word fool comes from the French word foulé meaning pressed or crushed, and refers to the combination of crushed fruits and thick cream. It can be made with any fruit which can be simmered to mush, though its very popular with berries, which grows in abundance in Britain. And I guess the name is also because of how ridiculously simple it is to make. Another good thing about this dessert is that it's ideal for parties, since its so easy, and would be loved by kids. 

Though this dessert is mostly made with whipping cream, it can be very well be made with thick cream as well. And many suggest with yogurt as well, though I have yet to try that.  But basically its a puree of a fruit with cream and sugar.  So hardly a recipe, yet here's how I made it.

Mango Fool Recipe

Serves 3-4

Ripe mangoes - 1/2 Kg 
Thick cream - 1/2 cup plus for topping/ garnishing
Milk - 1/2 cream (Optional. If not using milk, increase usage of cream slightly)
Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp
Sugar - 2-3 tbsp (depending on sweetness of mangoes)

  • Peel and chop mangoes. Keep a few chunks aside for topping

  • Now put all of it in blender, and make a smooth puree

  • Transfer to a bowl. cover and chill in refrigerator

  • For serving, place it in tall glasses or dessert bowls. Top it with cream and mango chunks. And relish this yummy simple dessert

  • You can use any variety of mango. I used Alfonsho. But taste it, to know the sweetness level.

  • If using whipping cream, whip it separately then fold it to the mango puree

  • Instead of folding all the cream, as I did, you can reserve half of it and make layers in the serving bowl, to make it prettier

  • You can even add 1-2 tsp of lemon juice to enhance the flavour and top it up with sprigs of mint, or nuts. But it's best to keep it simple.

Dedicating this to my father & father-in-law, on occasion of Father's day; both of them being hard core mango lovers. And sending it as my entry to  FSF, Father's Day, hosted by Sonia, Serve it Chilled  by Oh Taste and See and Mango Recipe events. 

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