Mini Healthy Bites - Soya Wraps

Sometimes doing a simple thing can become momentous in itself. And that's what's happening with my Blogging Marathon. Till yesterday I was running fever and today the building's pest control guys took over my kitchen. And very sweetly added that I'm not supposed to enter it for next 5 hours. Wow that's all I wanted. Thankfully I had made some soya potato cutlets yesterday for evening snacks, which came to my rescue for Day 2 of the Blogging Marathon

By now you must have got familiar with the format of this popular event - you blog a new recipe every day, on a given theme, for a given number of days. In my case the theme is "Crunchy snack for kids" and its for 7 days, which started yesterday. And I'm trying to explore healthier options in this. So yesterday I tried the baked version of the deep fried and ever popular "Nimki & Mathri". And today I'm incorporating greens and proteins in the snack time. Stay tuned on what's next!

As you might be aware that soya is one of the protein-rich food, specially for vegetarians. Unfortunately not everyone likes it, mainly because of its chewy texture. So normally I prefer to buy the soya granules, which makes a great soya-keema for dinner or I just add it in patties, sandwich filling, etc etc. But this time I bought soya chunks, for making soya stir fry and soya pulao. But then again the same issue of its chewiness. Never mind, after all a chunk can always be made into granules. And it lends a very meaty texture to any dish along with tons of health benefits

So I made these soya wraps, by making a patty with potatoes, peas and some paneer . Rolled it in bread crumbs and crushed oats for crunch. And then wrapped them in lettuce and sealed it with toothpicks to make individual healthy bites of soya wraps or soya rolls.  As you would like to call it.

Few of the soya patties also found their way to the buns, to make a hearty burger with lettuce base and mayo dressing. Yumm. Else on their own too they look quite cute. Don't you think so. Great as a party appetizer as well.

Soya Cutlet Wraps Recipe


Soya Chunks - 1 cup (Soaked in water for 15-20 mins, and then drained well)

Boiled potatoes - 1 cup (Mashed)

Boiled green peas - 1/3 cup (Cooked & Drained)

Paneer - 1/3 cup (coarsely crumbled)

Salt - as per taste

Bread Crumbs - 1/2 cup (Might need lesser)

Crushed or powdered oats - 3-4 tbsp (Optional)

Red Chilly powder - 1/2 tsp

Cumin Powder - 1/2 tsp

Chaat Masala - 1 tsp

Onion - 1 small, quartered

Lettuce Leaves - 2-3 (Washed and completely dried)

Oil - 1-2 tbsp


  1. Place the well drained soya chunks and onion in a chopper to become fine

  2. Add mashed potato, crumbled paneer and peas and mix it well. 

  3. Add salt, red chilly powder, green chillies (if using), chaat masala and cumin powder and mix it all well. Also add 1-2 tbsp of bread crumbs to it, if you like

  4. Mix bread crumbs and crushed oats in a small bowl and set aside

  5. Heat non stick pan on high

  6. Make small balls of the veg mix with lightly greased hands and then roll it in the bread crumbs and oats mixture. Repeat for other balls as well

  7. Now with very little oil in the pan, cook the balls till golden on both sides. Alternatively you can shallow fry to get extra crunch

  8. Keep aside on tissues  to drain excess oil

  9. Now tear lettuce leaves into small pieces and wrap the balls in it. And seal them with tooth pick

  10. You have your healthy mini bites ready for snacking


  • If you shallow fry, then you will get more crispiness

  • Also dipping them in egg white/ lightly beaten egg before dipping in crumbs will make for a crunchier cover

  • My son loved the look and wanted to have a bite. Great way to introduce kids to greens, by having a tasty bite inside.

Sending these yummy snack for the Kid's Delight event hosted by Priya's versatile recipes.

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