B & W Wednesday & Break from a Break

Holidays can be tiring. Yes what else do I call a life, where I don't have to go to work, where I have a maid to the household chore and best I got to cook two meals a day. Nothing short than a holiday, where I get to play with my kid, spend time with my husband, read the books I missed out on, watch all those romantic comedies again and again and above all blog. But then how would I be a girl, if I get happy with all this. So I get bored. And to get out of the blues of a blissful life..what do I do? Do some work. Burn out the calories. No. I go for a holiday. In another words I take a "break from a break". 

Thankfully my hubby pampers me with all these silly notions and is taking me to the Swiss Alps, in true romantic fashion...(now I'm blushing). And to add to that we will also be going to Netherlands, Belgium & Paris...Now my neighbor can see me jumping on my chair, so I better get down. 

We are leaving tomorrow for this lovely vacation and I would be back in another 20 days (16 days for tripe and 4 days to land back to reality)!! So do miss me till then and I would try to remember that I have a blog. But not trusting my memory enough, I have assigned my friends to take charge of this space while I'm away. So you would get to meet a few great guest bloggers and excellent recipes, posted here in next two weeks. Yes I'm not going to deprive you of your rightful treats.

Before going I thought of posting these pics for Black & White Wednesday, a weekly photo event started by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook.

And friends don't forget to  send your entries for the Healthy Cooking Challenge, though I might not be able to respond to your till I'm back. Also the round up will have to wait for a while, but I will make up with lots of pics from my trip!!

Mom says always leave on a sweet note, and being the sweet obedient girl that I'm, I will follow her, by sharing these coffee mugs with you. Coffee mugs, yes mugs filled with chocolate cake. And this one gets made in flat 2 mins in microwave. I guess by now everyone must have tried it, but if you haven't, here's the link. Great for a mid night chocolate craving. Yes even in this non recipe post, I managed to snuggle some chocolates for you :)

So do keep visiting as there are going to be exciting posts for Daring Bakers, interesting pasta, Indian street food and....keep guessing!

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