Event Announcement - Healthy Cooking Challenge: Lunchbox

It's strange how habits of your parents seep in your life, without even causing so much as a flutter. I vividly remember, how my mother frequently ask me what I wanted to take in my tiffin to school. And I would always give some vague answer, not knowing what all possibilities surrounded me. Not much has changed decades later, when she unfailingly asks me the same question - not tiffin, but lunch or dinner, when I visit my home town after a few months.

And now after becoming a mother, I cannot help but smile, when I ask Aarul the very same question every now & then. Alas he's too small, to give me a proper answer. Though sometimes he would be generous enough to take all the food names he's familiar with. So you can imagine what the replies would be. For breakfast it could be pizza, for tiffin it could be ice cream and for dinner it could be cake and for snacks, of course toffees :) . See asking him was not a great idea!

Then I got a better idea. I thought of asking all my lovely friends - you guys, for some 'lunchbox ideas'. And I got the perfect opportunity when I saw Smita's "Healthy Cooking Challenge". She gladly gave me the pleasure of hosting this event for the month of August. And I chose the theme of "Healthy Lunchbox", not just for kids but for elders too. After all why leave the parents while enjoying something healthy. 

In Smita's own words, the idea behind HCC was to marry healthy with delicious and we get to see variety, the new ingredients, a new methodology and get your healthy treats from your kitchen to every ones table  HCC concentrates on one healthy theme for each month, like healthy appetizer, healthy dessert etc. 

HCC will go into new kitchen everyone where all you lovely people who love to cook healthy dishes will shape it in their own unique way. For example whole wheat loaf sandwich, brown rice pilaf, tofu stir fry, etc. So get thinking on what you want to pack!!

Healthy Cooking Challenge - Healthy Lunchbox
(1st August - 31st August, '11)

Here’s how Healthy Cooking Challenge(HCC) works:
  • Post your recipe on your blog during the event’ schedule dates.

  • Old entries which are re posted during the event schedule dates are allowed.

  • Only vegetarian recipes please , though use of eggs is ok.

  • No deep fried recipes please.

  • You must provide a link to this event announcement page and to Smita'a announcemet page

  • I would appreciate if you use the above logo for your post,It helps to spread the word , though it is not mandatory.

  • The round up of the events will be posted on both Smita's and my blog.

Make a meal suitable to the theme of month and send an email with the subject - HCC: Lunchbox, to the e-mail ID - mytastejunction@gmail.com,  with the following details:
  • Your name-

  • Blog's name- 

  • Name of the recipe-

  • Link to your post-

  • Picture of the recipe-

Also wanted to let you know that HCC is open for hosting, so any of you eager to join this Healthy chain, simply write to Smita at - mytastytreats1@gmail.com.

Now before anyone asks, let me inform that the round up for Salad Event will be up tomorrow. So do check out this space tomorrow for a Salad Party.

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