Back after a refreshing vacation

Hello friends! How have you been? Seems like a long time since I have been away from the world of blogging...yes almost 3 weeks..long time indeed. As many of might be aware, I was away on a vacation to Europe and so the absence. But thanks to my friends who shared some great guest posts while I was away, my absence was well covered.

But as I said before leaving, a good vacation comes with lot of side effects, known as holiday blues. So now when I'm back in the sand dunes, I can't help but miss the greenery, the beauty and the eclectic Europe. I'm sure the hangover will take its own sweet time to walk away. And till it does, let me share some memoirs of my trip.

Every country, every city had its own magic. Magic that envelops you slowly and creates a space of its own in your heart and mind. Whether it was the pristine beauty of Switzerland, the welcoming country feel of the Dutch village, the majestic street square of Brussels or the grandeur of Paris. Loved every bit of it. Thanks to my darling husband for this lovely vacation!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing them. And very soon I would be back to the momentum. Cheers!!

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