Guest Post for Ananda: Potato Paneer Kofta in Makhni Gravy

Just like any home reflects the personality of the resident; so do I feel about the virtual window or the blog. The moment I visit a new blog, I immediately personify the blogger with the cues of the space. And though technical aspects have a huge role to play in that, yet there are some sure sure-shot giveaways, like the choice of color schemes, fonts and writing style.

So the very first time I visited Anandaa's blog (which unfortunately was not too long ago), I felt a sense of calmness and aesthetics. And after lingering a little more than I needed to, admiring her beautifully captured images and thoughtfully prepared delicacies, I knew it was not going to be a short stay.

So here I'm, pleased to take this appreciation a step further with a guest post, while she dedicated herself to some meaningful research. I'm sure her tired body and mind can get a bit re-engerised after having some home made comfort food.

I'm sharing with you all a popular North Indian curry – Aloo paneer kofta in makhi gravy. You might even be knowing this dish as “Malai kofta”. Difference is that malai kofta is sweeter with cashews/ rasins/sugar and richer with cream, while this is lighter and bit on the spicier side than sweet. But to offset the spicy koftas, I add it to sweet makhni sauce to get a good balance.

Hop over to her space to get the full recipe.

And on the sweet side, the time for sparkles and mithais has come. The time to indulge and enjoy. Yes Diwali is round the corner. Though the celebration of lights is for the conquer of the good over the evil, for me it means conquering the mundane. To ignite a new life in relationship and life with all the brightness and sweetness.

Thankfully to help us on this,, the largest online community for Indian Women, have come up with a compilation of 100 Diwali sweets in the form of an e- book. And the best part is that its available for download for free, so get your copy here: 

Did I forget to tell you that my recipe of "Kalakand style coconut barfi" is also featured in it. I'm sure now with all these yummy recipes, my kitchen is going to smell even more sweet and delicious.

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