As year slips by, I bake an apple tart

It's that time of the year again when the past joins hands with the present to welcome the future. A moment which arrives every year without fail, yet doesn't lose its charm or importance. When the world around seems to be so full of festive goodies, that sometimes I feel even a glance can up the weighing scale. But then the resolve to be on the leaner side can wait for a few more days, while I create a festive tart.

Surprisingly I've been able to shy away from the batch baking which the year end involves. I guess back home Xmas and New Year had always been more about parties and holidays, since baking was (rather is) not part of of our lifestyles. Unlike diwali or holi, where there were customary creations (like gujiya, mithai, savories, etc), the year end had no symbolic tradition than to give it a nice farewell with a party. Hence I never felt a guilt in not indulging in the sweet overdose of the season. Also a week's trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi amidst it all, ensured I was away from my baking counter.

But then as Christmas approached, my blog was cursing me for my diet fads and offering it a sweet treat even on the festive occasion. Oh yeah, then the realization struck that I owe at least this much to my sweet blog and to my oven. Can't deprive them so much. Soon my head was reeling with ideas of what to make and when to make. 

And as if God listened to my thoughts, the very same we got an invitation to a lunch party.  Of course I knew I had got a perfect occasion to make a nice warm festive dessert. So here it is - my first apple tart with cream cheese filling.

Once I overcame the apprehension of tarts with a very successful tomato tart and ricotta and pear tart, I have been confident to make them at any occasion. So if you have somehow been eluded to make tart from scratch, it should be on your new year's agenda to make it at the first possible occasion.Or better still make it before the year slips away!! Since its really easy, looks great and tastes even better. 

The recipe I followed was from Joy of Baking with the only change being that I used low-fat cream cheese to reduce guilt and I managed with only two medium sized apples than 3-4 large. So check the detailed recipe there and make your own version.

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