When easy & tasty is the name: Vol-au-vents with Sweet corn filling

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and tastes. Some elaborate enough to make you slog for hours. Some delicate enough to bring out the lady in you while some others are casual enough to serve in a jiffy. Yes you guessed it right..I'm talking about the lovely starters that peps up every party and gathering. One, over which introductions are made, preludes of future flirting is hinted and which just helps you loosen with that tall drink.

I'm sure we all love these small savory (mostly) bites, but not too sure how much we all love making it. After all with so many other nitty gritties of the parties like the elaborate main course and the delicious dessert to be prepared, these little ones sometimes gets left behind. No more!

For now I share with you a quick way to serve an easy, tasty and quite good looking (if I may say so) starters: Vol-Au-Vents. A vol-au-vent is a small hollow puff pastry, which is filled with any filling of choice before the 'lid' is replaced. And with the ease of getting these frozen puffs, you just need to think of what to fill inside.

But to be honest, I didn't even think about it till I popped my vol-au-vents in the oven to get 'puffed' (10 mins). And then mindlessly opened the fridge to see what I can mix. Out came pack of sweet peas and bottle of m . Corn was softened in microwave, coarsely ground, mixed with mayo, seasoned and here was my filling ready the moment the puffs came out from the oven. Once filled and placed on serving tray, they surely looked worth a click even if it meant a hurried one before guests arrived.

Vol-au-vents with sweet corn filling recipe


Ready made vol-au-vent cases: 10

Sweet Corn - 1/2 cup

Butter - 2 tsp

Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp

Salt & Pepper

Hint of oregano or herb of choice

Grated Cheese for topping (if desired)


  1. Thaw vol-au-vent cases (if using frozen). Then bake them in preheated oven as per package instructions, till golden brown. Mine were done in 10 mins at 200 degree.

  2. Microwave sweet corn with butter for 2-3 mins, till softened. Then coarsely grind it in mixer, leaving some corns, as is.

  3. Now mix it with mayo, season with salt and freshly crushed pepper & dash of oregano. 

  4. Once your puffs are nicely browned and cooled for 2 mins, cut open the lid with a knife.

  5. And fill it with the filling before placing the lid back.

  6. If using cheese, sprinkle some grated cheese on it and bake for 30secs -1 min, just to melt the cheese. Be very careful not to burn the puffs. 

  7. Serve it on a platter with carrot sticks and shredded cabbage or simply plain. It will taste good anyways!!

Now get ready before the guests arrive. Happy to link it with Snacks Mela event, hosted by Srivalli, Lets-cook-10-baked-goodies by Tickling Palates, Cooking concepts 5-holiday baking by Srav's Culinary Concepts, Christmas Delicacy by erivumpuliyumm and Winter carnival also by Tickling Palates.

Update: Many of you commented on lack of availability of "vol-au-vent" cases in your market. Don't worry, you can make an equally delicious and easy starter with puff pastry sheets as well - like these cute matar paneer tarts

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