Dish it Out - Cheese & tomatoes Roundup

Like many of you out there, I too am a big fan of Masterchef series. Both Australia and our own Indian version. Loved the intriguing challenges, invention tests and above all Mystery Box. Yes so many times, I have caught myself wondering what dish I would have created if given the same set of ingredients as the participants. Quite a nice creativity test actually.

And that's the reason I like the "Dish it out" series of Vardhini, which gives two random ingredients for you to cook from. Well, I can't say that its as tough like Mystery Box, but it surely is fun to see the outcome. So here's the roundup of "Dish it out - Cheese and Tomatoes" event. 

Thanks to all of you for your participation and to Vardhini for giving the chance to host the event. Now let's look at the lovely entries. It seems the combination of cheese and tomatoes is a great favourite for pizza, since we have so many wonderful pizza entries!!

The first pizza has been baked by La of Food Slice. She uses red and green peppers along with cheese and tomatoes to create a very colorful pizza. 

Next we have Ramya of Ramya's Recipe, using babycorn and bellpeppers in her pizza to create excellent flavour combinations.

Babycorn and Bellpepper Pizza 

And taking the love for pizza a notch above is Kavi of Edible Entertainment, by creating a heavily loaded double decker pizza!!

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes creates the all time classic combination of cheese and tomato pizza, which everyone loves!

Cheesy Tomato Pizza

After the excellent array of pizzas we also have some excellent side dishes to add variety and flavours to our dining table.

Easyfoodsmith shares a very appealing and versatile spread of soy paneer, which can be a great topping on bruschetta for a great looking appetizer.

Richa of Ambrosia whips up a salsa to pep up any spread.

After the side dishes, its the turn of the breakfast or snack items to appear on our tables.

Making the buns even more tempting are these cheesy buns shared by Priya of 
Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes. Perfect for breakfast, tea time snacks or a side dish.

Next we have Amy of Food Corner, creating these cute looking bread baskets, which all of us would love to pop, especially the kids.

Another breakfast favourite, bread toast has been created by Kokila Karthikeyan of Kokila's Indian Cooking. I always love to have them on my plate!!

How can we not have pasta in this medley of dishes? And so glad that Madhavi of Iyer Express has created this bowl of pasta for us.

After all the wonderful courses, surely our curries can't be far behind. So here the main courses with cottage cheese.

I loved the title of the ever popular "Matar Paneer" dish that Priyanka of The Curious Cook created. As she cheerfully proclaims it "with lots of butter"!! After all for added taste you needed to invest a bit. Right?

Completing this wonderful round up is the beautifully shot dish of "Paneer Tawa Masala" by Vardhini of Zesty Palette. It surely tempts me to dive in!

Thanks once again everyone for your lovely participation. And just in case I missed any entry, just shoot me a mail or a comment and will add it the earliest.

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