Red Velvet Cake for a special day

"Marriage is like fine wine. As it ages, it gets better." - Unknown.

5 years back, I said "I do". 5 years back this day, I vowed to make this relationship the most beautiful ever. I became a bride and a wife.

Half a decade later, its still as alive as yesterday. And as we take this journey together, the emotions become more cemented, more meaningful. Yes last week, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Nothing grand, nothing loud. But a well spent day of just 3 of us. And a cake. A red velvet cake as a mark of love.

For long, I had been thinking of baking a red velvet cake. But since I have never tasted one, I always wondered how different it would be be from a vanilla cake with some added color. And to be honest, the inclusion of more than a bottle of red color in a bottle has never been my idea of food fun. Yet I waited for the right moment to make one.

And what better occasion would be than an anniversary to pour your heart out (literally). Thankfully I also chanced upon this recipe at Sprinklebakes, which had a very bright red color with just 1 1/2 tbsp of color. Now I didn't mind included that much for a special color. So this is what I made with mascarpone cream frosting.

The only change I made was to increase the cocoa powder to 1 1/2 tbsp and to use white vinegar instead of cider vinegar, since that's what I had. But I guess cider vinegar would be better with its light fruity flavour. The cake was bright, light and fluffy and very delicious, with a little undertone of chocolate flavour. Yes I loved eating the crumbs while decorating the cake.

Though the cake was just great, I was not too happy with the mascarpone cream frosting as its right companion. So next time, when I bake another batch, I will try with the buttercream frosting and will share the result. Till then enjoy the cake and have fun decorating it, as I had.

I just knew that the lovely red color of the cake should be a surprise under a white frosting. But I also liked to play a bit of a teaser by sprinkling some of the crumbs on the topping, as a hint of what lies underneath, along with silver sprinkles and chocolate shards. What do you think of it? Hope you guys like it as well!

For the red velvet cake recipe, refer here and for chocolate shard tutorial, check it here.

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