Gourmet Seven - Test of patience with Gulnar Seekh Kabab

In recent times, all my plans have been put to rest. And even if I try to awaken them, they change their color and forms, so suddenly that I fail to recognize them. Yes its one of those phases of life, which has made blogging a luxury, photography an indulgence and creating something new a rare occasion...well you will soon now why! 

The most recent plan that was altered was this trial for the Gourmet Seven group's kabab based theme. I wanted to attempt making "dahi kabab" but alas that requires a little more patience than I had, so yes another plan that needed alteration. What sounded simple like getting a great texture of curd, was well not all that easy in the heat of Bahrain...but then there's always a  next time time. Till then I remembered my unposted recipe of a great veg kabab, picked from Nita Mehta's cookbook. So here's that version of kabab with masoor dal, which really tastes meaty and yummy. The name "gulnar' in fact refers to its "melt in your mouth" texture which it surely is.

I'm so glad that this theme was visiting homeland, since there are so many great delicacies that our country has to offer, which has yet to get its due credit. Like kababs. If kebabs are so delicious that its impossible to stop at just one; its’ origin is even more fascinating. It’s said that kebabs originated in Persia, and later spread to other Middle Eastern and Asian countries. This method of grilling or roasting small cuts of meat, threaded on skewers, proved of immense help in the period when fuel was scarce. Historians even claim that soldiers used their swords to cook the mutton over fire. I’m sure temptation for this mouth watering dish, evokes imagination.

Gulnar Seekh Kebab Recipe:

Adapted from Nita Mehta’s Mughlai Cooking


  • Black Masoor Dal (whole)- 1 cup

  • Ginger- 1” piece

  • Garlic – 4-5 flakes

  • Cumin seeds/jeera – 1 tsp

  • Garam masala – 1 tsp

  • Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

  • Salt- 1 tsp (or as per taste)

  • Onion- 1/2 medium, very finely chopped

  • Oil – 3 tbsp

  • Curd – 1 tbsp

  • Black pepper – 1/2 tsp, coarsely crushed


  1. Soak dal for 3-4 hours. Drain and grind with minimum water, along with ginger, garlic and cumin seeds into a thick batter.

  2. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan and fry the batter on low heat, till dal stops sticking to the pan, about 3-4 mins. Do not raise the flame or cook for too long, else it will loose all its moisture.

  3. Add salt, red chilly powder, black pepper, garam masala, curd and chopped onion. Mix it all well.

  4. Heat the griddle pan. Grease a skewer lightly and spread a ball of the batter around it, to form a roll.

  5. Cook the kebabs on medium high heat, spraying with oil in between to keep it moist. Grill, till golden on all sides.

  6. Serve hot with onion rings, lemon wedges and mint chutney.

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