Finding the Rhythm with refreshing Aam Panna

By no stretch of imagination, can I call myself musically gifted. I might not even be able to differentiate between jazz and country music. But I've learnt to notice the music in everyday life. Rather the rhythm of life.

The highs and the low notes, that the life throws on us. the sweet melodies that a child's laughter or even cries sounds like to a doting mom. The pleasing sounds of the birds, the ripples in the lake, the chaos of the traffic, there's a sound, music in everything. Even the quietness of the night is interspersed with some traffic sound far away, or screeching of the door. And if too quiet, then you might even hear and get tuned to the rhythm of your breathing.

I suppose I had just fallen of this rhythm for a long, long time. For those who are wondering what I'm talking about...well I'm posting after almost 1.5 years. So yes there must be have been something which kept me away. Well I became a mother for the second time, almost 2 years ago. And no it wasn't easy, with my husband perpetually travelling the whole of last year and me taking care single handedly both the kids. Hats off to those who do it all!! Plus throw in lots of sickness, one that leaves you with a throat that can get infected even at the sight of most things...well then cooking is surely not the priority. And if that wasn't enough a bad accident of my dad back home, set me completely mentally off. So yes I was away because my heart and head was away - away from cooking and blogging. Trying to give my kids a warm, nurturing environment to my best of abilities.

And then as an effort to set things right, we had to relocate from Bahrain to Dubai. Yes again I was off the rhythm of the known, of the routine, of the expected. But then here my husband was there to anchor me, to be my punching bag, when the kids drove me off the wall. He was there, every evening to sing the nursery rhymes for my darling doll and take my son for cycling. So yes life is getting back to normal. Back to the rhythm.

I missed you all. Missed writing, cooking, clicking, blog hopping. And as it happens, with most things, I'm wary of restarting. Will I able to take good pics, write well, cook something exciting. Maybe yes. maybe not...but that's what its all about. To discover, to go with the flow, to indulge and to create this music with all the highs and lows.

This is a simple but very refreshing summer drink - Aam Panna, with raw mango and mint. I'm sure it will refresh my mind to be back...So welcoming my readers with this breeze of freshness. hope to see you regularly.

Aam Panna Recipe 

(A sweet-salty-sour drink of raw mangos and mint leaves. Really refreshing and perfect for the summers.)

A recipe is just an outline. Rest is upto you - what you add, how much you use. Completely left to find your rhythm of taste.


  • Raw mango - 2

  • Mint leaves - A handful (chopped)

  • Jaggery/ Sugar- 2 -3 tbsp

  • Black salt - 1/2 -1 tsp

  • Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp

  • Lemon juice - 1/2 tbsp

  • Crushed ice and water - as needed


  1. Pressure cook mangoes till soft and mushy (Mine took 2 whistles). Let it cool. Then remove skin and stone, and put pulp in blender.

  2. Add jaggery, salt and chopped mint leaves. Your base is ready.

  3. For serving blend with crushed ice, cold water and lemon juice. Top with cumin powder and mint leaves


Some like to use tamarind too for the sour flavor. I prefer lemon juice.

Adjust the sugar-salt-sour flavors, as per your preferences.

You can use sparkling water for added zing

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