11 easy sweet treats for Holi

My dreams are not black & white. They are in turquoise, peach and lime green. Yes in specific shades of my favourite colors. My wardrobe is the same. Not segmented by styles, but by swatches of colors. These myriad shades, fill my life with umpteen emotions. With love, care, bliss, solitude, laughter and so much more...

So when there's a festival of colors, then it has to be on top of my list. Holi, is one such festival, we all look forward to. A festival, to celebrate life in all its colors. Full on.

And on another sweet note, the blog gets a rebranding and its own domain. Taste Junction is now Taste Melanger, and here's the new logo. Hope you like it.

So here I'm compiling some really easy and yummy sweet dishes for this special occasion. Plan ahead and I'm sure each one of you can create a lovely spread, made with love and warmth. 

Wishing all of you and your family a very Happy Holi in advance. Have a colorful dream!

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