Whisking affair - Baking Class

One more birthday cake has been cut. Gifts have been opened and another year has been added next to me. To my age.

As one grows older, birthdays are less about celebrations but more about appreciation. Appreciating and being thankful for all that I have been blessed with. And I have been blessed with lots. Most importantly a lovely family. 

Birthdays are also a good time to ponder, to pause and to restart. Almost like New Year. And this birthday I decided to make every day count. Do what the heart desires and to go with the flow. To keep caution away and to live the moment.

The birthday weekend started with a fun outing to the Dreamland water park. And after hours and hours of splashes and rides, giggles and laughters, we were all exhausted. So a restful night at Barracdua resort, right next door, was  like a life saver. A perfect quiet way to wind a hectic action packed day.

The days after the weekend, brought a new start with a baking class. Something which I had been keeping on hold for very long, since I wasn't so sure. But then when the timing is right, the heart say yes. So yes I said for this lovely group, who wanted to learn baking. And it was so much fun.

Over chit chat, we all learnt to bake - eggless vanilla cake, checkerboard cookies and tarts. Chocolate mud cake is also on the list. The best part of baking with friends, is the camaraderie. Of sharing the experience, of tasting the treats and laughing over silly things. Yes, definitely I'm doing it again!!

While teaching these recipes, I realised that many of them are not even posted on my blog. Time to add them to my favourites. But the one that is there is the Mud cake . And I'm soon going to update that post with new pics as well.

Till then, enjoy these virtual treats, from my kitchen to yours.

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