Dubai Food Diaries - Asha’s Biryani & Kebab Festival

“A great recipe is like an immortal tune, it happens but only a few times in one’s life” -  Asha Bhosle.

Growing up in India, becoming a fan of legendary singer ‘Asha Bhosle’ was not a choice. It was love that was bound to grow in your heart from the moment you started hearing the lovely melodies. The magic of her melodious voice made one fall in love, again and again. And when the legend is an avid cook and has restaurants under her wing, the connect gets even more strong. Her restaurants branded in her name -  Asha’s, reflects her life’s interest and love and promises a truly memorable dining experience.

 Last week, I had the chance to review their new offering, “India’s Pride”, a gastronomical selection of Biryanis and Kebabs. Being from the nawabi town of ‘Lucknow’ these two dishes have a special place in my heart. And I surely wanted to know what the Dubai version tasted like. We visited the restaurant at Wafi Mall on Eid evening and were greeted with warmest of smiles and hospitality. The festival special menu consisted of 6 types of kebabs and 3 biryanis. 

The menu has been designed to cater to wide variety of taste buds, hence a broader range of kebabs, than the traditional variety.  The first kebab served to us was - "Bhatti ka Chaap", a tender chicken kabobs infused with charcoal flavour. It was succulent and mildly flavoured, which complemented my refreshing mocktail of lemon and mint. The 2nd kebab was - “Kofta khatam khatai’, the only veg dish on the menu. A crispy patty of potatoes and bottle gourd, it worked its magic with crispy outside and soft inside. Almost like an amazing ‘chaat dish’. We also tried the “jheenga jalpari’, a fried prawn dish and “seekh kebab”, a minced mutton kebab. All the dishes were cooked to perfection, mildly flavoured, delicious and served with loads of love. 

After feasting on these delectable dishes, we were served the chef’s recommendation - "Chamandi Prawn Biryani", a flavoursome dish of prawns cooked in a coconut cilantro pesto with lemon juice and coconut milk. We also tasted our favourite - "Calicut Gosht Biryani", Asha’s home-style lamb with onion and yoghurt, spiced with cinnamon and star anise. Both the biryanis were competing for attention and made our dining experience completely memorable.

India’s Pride, an indulgent treat will be available in Asha’s at Wafi from 1" August 2016 to 31" October 2016. So, all my Dubai foodies, do check out this selection of unique recipes perfected by Asha in her personal kitchen in Bombay. 

High Tea with Asha:
 And to make it even more special, all diners at Asha’s restaurant in WAFI MALL from 1st September to 15th October 2016 will receive a signed limited edition photograph and an exclusive opportunity to enjoy high tea for two with international songstress superstar and celebrity chef Asha Bhosle.

Image Credit - Asha's

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