Welcome to my Home - A home tour

Hope you have kickstarted your 2018 on a vibrant note and settled well into the routine as well. For me life has been swinging in different directions, for last few years, but coming back to my home, is what keeps me rooted and composed. Its my space of heaven!! Welcome and have a glimpse.

After spending a good number of years in Middle East, we finally bought our apartment in Dubai. We had been living in this area - JLT, for three years and loved the comfort and peace that it offered. A dynamic society with lots of activities for the kids, huge parks and generally a great vibe. Apart from the excitement of new ownership, it was the best project to get my home decor love flowing. The only glitch was we hardly had much time post possession of the apartment and shifting. Precisely 10 days to get the painting, wallpaper, some woodwork and all finished. That meant planning it well ahead of what we wanted, and shopping it in advance so that it gets all balanced out when we shift.

  Let's chat over a glass of tea

            Shades of Blue - Living Room

  Pop art style buffet table, next to the dining table

 View of the dining cum living room. Bright and airy to uplift the mood.

A work corner in bedroom with park view for calmness 

The few things that I learnt in the process of creating this space were the importance of having a moodboard. Even if end result is different, a moodboard is the perfect springboard to get started and to have your ideas in place.

Above are my moodboards which I kept coming back to while picking furniture and accessories. And it was of immense help. Now I'm doing the same while I'm renovating my kitchen and bathroom, which would be in next post.

My second learning was the importance of accessories. They need not be expensive or theme bound, but they definitely should make you feel happy when you see them. 

Thirdly not to be afraid of colors. In a surrounding when whites and neutrals adorn the interiors, I chose to have multiple shades of blue in a single room and it works. So do play around, after all its decorative element, not a life threatening one. So do what you please, since its your piece of heaven!

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